Wireless Medical-Grade Foot Switches


STEUTE recognizes that, due to patient vulnerability, a product manufactured for the medical market is fundamentally different from industrial and other types of products. Unlike many others offered solutions — which typically consist of an industrial-grade foot switch modified to meet the basic functional requirements — STEUTE's foot switches are designed from the ground-up for the medical application in which they will be used.

From the foot pads (that determine stability, conformance to IEC standards, and desired freedom of movement) to the end connector (that must meet specified grounding, ingress protection and required mating with the medical device), each STEUTE "medical-grade" foot control is designed for:

  • Optimum functionality
  • Ergonomic ease-of-use and comfort
  • Aesthetic compatibility with your medical device.

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The premier issue of our newsletter, HIDnews is now available online. We hope you find the content of value as you consider how best to satisfy your medical Human Interface Device (HID) requirements.

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Medical Grade

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